Murphy Beds

Oak Murphy Bed

Date:05 Jul, 2016


Murphy Beds

Let’s face it, many rooms in today’s homes need to serve more than one purpose. If you have a room that doubles as a guest and office, or something similar, you are wise in researching murphy beds from M&L Cabinets.

Imagine a fully functional guest room on demand whenever you need it, without sacrificing the entire space of your room during the times when you aren’t hosting guests. If you want a happy marriage between style, comfort, and affordability, Murphy Beds might be perfect for you!

Get more space from your home and make room for the things and people that matter most to you.

M&L Cabinets in Bradenton offers the highest quality systems available. Contact us today to find out why our murphy beds have been a popular option for vacation rentals, condos, boats, and homes for over forty years, and what makes M&L Cabinet’s the area’s first choice for cabinetry, closet solutions, and cabinet hardware.